Partnership With The MECA Chambers

The organizations that comprise the Multi-Ethnic Chamber Alliance (MECA) are the Capital City African-American Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Austin Asian-American Chamber of Commerce. These organizations are passionate about being a resource in the Austin area for businesses who need the assistance that we can provide.

If you have a small business idea and would like to see it through to fruition, or if you have an existing business and would like to expand and improve your operational results, please contact us. The chances are very strong that we will be able, through our relationship with MECA and its partners, to assist you. 

Please see below for testimonials by leaders in these great organizations.

 "I am so happy to have Brian Walters as a member of CCAACC! I have been able to refer several businesses to him to assist them with the development of their business plans. I have heard nothing but GREAT things from the service he provided to those businesses.

It is great to be able to refer excellent services to our members especially when it is a member providing the service to or for a member!!Our goal at the Chamber is to provide excellent service ALL of the time to ALL of the members!"

Dr. Chiquita W. Eugene

Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce



"We have been using Brian Walters and BWA since October 2007 to provide financial management and loan packaging technical assistance for our small business clients and have been very pleased with the results. It has turned out to be a fantastic way to augment to our other business development services.

The aspect of the service I like the most is that BWA comes to our clients; they don't have to compete for appointments for individual face-to-face time with expert financial consultants.

If there were any advice that I could pass on to potential small business clients it would be don’t delay or put off your business success any longer contact BWA for a consultation today. GAHCC is proud of our business partnership with BWA.”

Mary Martinez

Vice-President Economic Development
Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce