Client Testimonials


It is our firm belief as a consulting firm that the people in the best position to be able to speak to the quality of our work are the clients to whom we have consulted in the past.

As such, we are very proud to be able to display these excerpts of letters from past clients whose businesses have been changed forever by the work of the consultants of Brian Walters and Associates. We look forward to adding your letter to this page soon.

Also, please feel free to give any one of these wonderful entrepreneurs your patronage- each of the companies represented here is highly recommended by Brian Walters and Associates.

Executive Chef Service: "I used Mr. Walters' service to help evaluate and purchase a business recently.

He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but a blast to work with!

After the deal was done, he provided me with a financial tool which is amazing. I can now "play" with my numbers and get my bottom line in seconds. I now use this financial tool as a goal setting tool for my business.

Thank you!"

Ryan Abitz

Executive Chef/Owner,
Cielo Su Terra

Real Estate Professional: "I have met with Brian a couple of times to, one, help design an incentive / bonus system and, two, to help assess a tight spot (or a perceived tight spot) in my business. As with most entrepreneurs and small business owners, I realize I do not have all the answers but my clients, my employees and my bottom line will benefit many times over by my humble ability to know how to go get the answers. It’s the concept of surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are.

Brian makes it seem simple. He brings clarity and solutions and believes his services will and should pay for themselves many times over.

I may be really good at real estate but I’ll take all the help I can get running the business."

Julie Nelson

The Nelson Project @ Keller Williams Realty


Retail Clothing Store: "I was referred to Brian Walters Consulting by the Austin Hispanic Chamber. Brian's business acumen and insight regarding updating POS materials, Strategic Planning, and in the reviewing of Financial Reports has been invaluable to me. Thank you Brian!"

Sana Zunker
Owner, Sana Boutique
Austin, Tx


Accounting Business: "I met Brian at a networking meeting in August of 2007. His presentation was so complete and informative that I approached him to help me with my small bookkeeping business. Within a couple of months, Brian was able to create a plan to improve my hiring process and to analyze my work methods. I not only discovered my potential but I then restructured my company to more effectively utilize my skills not only as an accountant but as a consultant. He helped me with creating new processes, how to delegate and tips on how to grow my business. Within a few months I have grown my profits by 15% with new improvements overseen by Brian. He keeps in touch with my progress and is continuously offering great advice thus I have learned to be "smarter" at working rather than working "harder"."

Nelda Lopez
President, NL Accounting Solutions


Full-service Travel Agency:"I’ve been in the travel business about 13 years. My business has floundered partially because of the industry and the times, but partially because of my lack of focus and accountability. I met with Brian to help set some goals for myself and the agency and I can honestly say, I’m more focused on how I need to take my travel agency to the next level. With Brian’s assistance on goal setting and tracking my travel agency will be around another 13 years when in this business people are closing their doors everyday. I already see that business will be great in 08."

Karen Duncan CTA, DS
Owner, Peeks Travel Service
Travel That Peeks Your Passions



Auto Detailing Service: "Recently, I began to use Brian Walters and Associates. Mr. Walters has given me a new way to look at my business. His coaching skills and business acumen have enabled me to go after some of the top bidding proposals in the Austin area."

Bridget C. Thomas, President
Pretty Clean Auto Detailing Service, Inc


Hair Salon: "My experience with Brian Walters was very professional. I was looking to open my own hair salon and met with him weekly. I found that he is extremely talented in his industry and a great asset. Brian is well organized, very knowlegable and prepared for just about anything. I highly recommend his services."


Convenience Store: "This letter is to address my opinion on the completion of our Project. I would like to start with my full appreciation and thanks to the project specialist Mr. Brian V. Walters to his professionalism and dedication to the way he conducted his work during the past two weeks. He keep a great focus on our needs and the direction of project. The result was as we expected to cover most of the weak points of our organization..."


Trucking Company: '"The company has implemented several of the tools developed by the project consultant working on site for our daily operations. We feel tremendously more confident in managing our business with the guidelines that have been provided in the program. As the owner, I am extremely satisfied to have been relieved of most of the administrative duties. This allows me to concentrate on developing our business. In place is an efficient bidding system that will allow us to improve profitability. Upon our continuation of the project we insist that Brian Walters return on site to assist on the completion. Brian's expertise has been an inspiration to our entire staff. His skills in developing strategies to ensure productivity has shown us were we could be in the future. We will always feel that we truly have a business partner for life..."


Flood and Fire Restoration Company: "At the closing of our consulting experience we would like to convey our deepest appreciation to you and your staff. The cost of these services is minimal compared to the level of understanding that has been attained by our company. We have learned how to shy away from the "fly by the seat of your pants" company, and gained the knowledge needed to effectively run and manage our business. With the bidding and cash management tools given to us it will be much easier to be successful. With the finance background that has been shared we can now proceed into the future with a sound understanding of our direction. We have learned that it is much easier to manage your business from the future than it is from the past..."


Tractor Equipment Company: "In regards to the outline of the job program given to us, we have found the procedures produced very satisfactory. They were easy to understand. We were enlightened on several issues we either didn't know or hadn't thought of. We found Mr. Walters knowledge, attitude and work performance extremely satisfactory..."


Construction Company: "We are very satisfied with the project to date. Once we have a chance to digest and continue to implement all that we have learned and assess the overall profit increase to the company, we will move on to the next step of the project. Having said this we were very satisfied with the performance and service we received from Mr. Brian Walters. We were very lucky to have a consultant as dedicated and professional as Mr. Walters. We are looking forward to a long and lasting relationship..."


Restaurant: "I invited the consulting company to (the restaurant) for financial advice. Our sales were $600,000.00 for the first year with a loss of $200,000.00. Labor was running about 35% and food cost was 45%. I had to stop the bleeding! Severe changes needed to be made and I needed fresh new perspectives on how to make them. Brian Walters evaluated the numbers; the main objective was profit and the means to achieve it. New tools of measurement were implemented immediately to control portioning. This was just one of the many areas of waste found in the restaurant. Labor was also a huge expense. We reduced labor the following week utilizing a spreadsheet that calculates actual labor dollars and percent. He gave us a multiplier to start going back and costing out menu items. I was taught how to cost out menu items correctly. Some of our current menu items were cost out covering material cost, but did not include overhead or a profit. The goals set forth by Brian were implemented carefully and quickly. Everything was explained thoroughly and reiterated into typed documents. I am completely satisfied with the service provided. Thank you for teaching me to work smarter, not harder..."


Oil Recovery Company: "The purpose of this letter is to express our satisfaction for having met the team from the Consulting Company. Our oil recovery business was turning in a direction of great concern to us. Your team came in and immediately located our numerous problems. Our employee expenses, incomplete accounting organization, and budget and more. Mr. Brian Walters worked with us on reorganizing our company. He immediately pointed out our weak areas and set guidelines for a more profitable operation. We began working on the ideas and with his expertise and patience we saw how our company will prosper. We are very honored to have worked with Brian Walters..."


Diamond Retailer: "The main problems that we needed to have worked on were huge outstanding receivables and cash flow. On March 20th, 2004, Brian Walters began working on addressing these problems. He provided recommendations and standard procedures that addressed cash flow management and inventory controls. We have been shown how to use all of the tools that were provided, and feel that they will assist us in the process of being more productive and profitable. We are satisfied with the work performed by the consultant, and feel confident that we have been provided with enough information and procedures to ultimately be as successful as we would like to be. Mr. Brian Walters went above and beyond to accomplish any task we asked of him..."


Psychologist: "To whom it may concern, Our company had grown beyond my ability to provide the kind of direction that would have us be successful in our mission statement. We, as a company and as individual employees, have been frustrated in achieving our goals and passions which has left us as a group somewhat resigned and cynical.

With the consulting company, we began a renewed path to having our goals redefined. Brian Walters tore apart books long closed, leaving no stone unturned or neglected. He was relentless and compassionate with staff to have them produce and present the requested documentation. Brian assessed the data, made recommendations, provided supporting documentation and trained the staff, all the while keeping me informed of every plan, effort and implementation. His general command of knowledge coupled with an integrity of spirit had him deliver the program with intention and velocity.

I am very grateful for the professionalism, dynamic presence, and availability of the staff. We have been empowered and trained and able to produce the intended results. We as a company and I as the CEO are equipped to create whole new futures for our company."

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