Trusted Business Partners

At Brian Walters and Associates, our aim is to provide turnkey solutions to all of your business needs. As part of that focus, we have aligned ourselves with several trusted key business partners, all of whom are highly successful in their own fields, and more importantly, all of whom possess the capability of assisting you in their particular area of specialty.

Please feel free to browse through all of the business partners listed here- they are all highly recommended by BWA.

Richard A. Shannon, Attorney-Mediator


Avoid the agonies and expense of a court battle (adversarial litigation) for you, your partner and your child[ren]. There is another way that preserves mutual respect and honors each person's dignity.

MEDIATE BEFORE GOING TO COURT. SHANNON LAW/MEDIATION will help you assemble -- on an as needed basis -- a team of different professionals serving as neutrals -- to help you untangle and resolve the most bitter disputes. Fees will be adjusted appropriate to the parties' income and property and the complexity of your case.

Kelly Burris, Cordell and Cordell Law Firm

 Kelly L. Burris got into family law to help people instead of corporations. Ms. Burris has settled and litigated complex custody cases and property cases involving multi-million dollar estates. She has also successfully litigated child custody relocation cases.

Ms. Burris said those experiences allow her to inform her clients of the best possible options and do what is right for them in each case.

"It is important to have an attorney that can understand and be supportive of you throughout the process while doing what is necessary to protect your interests and your children’s interests through litigation or settlement," Ms. Burris said.

Dan Musick, CPA, LLC.

 Dan Musick CPA PLLC is a full-service public accounting firm in San Marcos, TX. DMCPA offers tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks training, and small business consulting services to clients in the greater Central Texas area.

Our firm believes strongly in building long-term relationships with our clients with the belief that the better we know our clients, the better we can serve them and help their businesses grow. Through developing alliances with professionals in a wide range of financial specialties, we are able to provide the client with a much wider range of support than the typical CPA firm.



South Wind Capital Partners

South Wind Capital Partners, LLC is a team of professionals with over 50 years of total experience in the business financing environment. SWCP has been providing innovative financial solutions to clients in the Central Texas area, the country, and the world for several years.

South Wind specializes in an array of services, from deb and equity financing, to divestitures, viability analysis, and much more.

PeopleBiz, Inc.

Alicia Marie has become a national leader in the field of coaching and training for small business owners. For over a decade, she has coached managers, presidents and sales professionals on how to build businesses truly worth having. She has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years.

Through her business, PeopleBizInc., Alicia has developed comprehensive tools and programs to support and educate business owners and profession¬als. Her insatiable desire to learn more about people, along with her expertise in behavioral sciences, neuro-linguistics and business, give her a unique ability to powerfully address the challenges her clients face.

Alt Creative

At Alt Creative, our mission is to deliver quality custom web design and development solutions to help your business competitive and profitable. We realize that as your business grows and and evolves over time, so must your website. Alt Creative can help you every step of the way by offering a full range of services, including:
• Web Design & Development
• Graphic Design
• Print Design & Logo Design
• Web Hosting
• Consulting

Interface Financial

Becky Spohn, with The Interface Financial Group provides immediate working capital to small businesses by giving them cash for their outstanding customer invoices (also referred to as invoice discounting or spot factoring). This accelerated cash flow helps businesses through temporary shortages due to high growth or unusually high sales volume.

Since there are no minimum volume requirements and no "hidden" costs, Interface provides a very cost-effective service. A company receives working capital only when they need it, and only in the amount they need. Many Interface clients find that they are able to use immediate funding to help them secure supplier discounts and improve their credit position.

Interface works with companies in all industries, including construction, at all stages, including start-ups.

Austin Entrepreneur Network

 The Austin Entrepreneur Network seeks to foster networking, mentoring, and funding for Austin startup companies. The entrepreneur community in Austin is large but dispersed. Often times, a new entrepreneur doesn’t know where to start to gain information about starting a company or growing it to the next level.

The Austin Entrepreneur Network provides information through blogs, events, conferences, and training courses to find out more about how to start and later grow a business.

If you need help with your startup, would like to contribute to this site, or report a problem please contact Hall T. Martin, Director, Austin Entrepreneur Network at


Market Sense, Inc.

 Market Sense is a sales development company that utilizes training, coaching and consulting to help owners and individuals addressing pressing revenue concerns.

Adam Boyd works with visionary owners who want to transform their sales process and organization into a bankable asset. As a result, clients have a more valuable company and a means to transition their company for a maximum return, if that’s what they choose to do. 

He also works with individuals who are committed to overachieving in sales. He makes them aware of the hidden weaknesses holding them back and removes them with ongoing reinforcement and development.


The Villhard Patent Group

 Bob is a Rocket Scientist turned Patent Attorney (registered before the Patent Office). Bob brings his NASA-can-do attitude to solving IP related issues. He possesses 9 years of patent preparation and prosecution experience coupled with over 15 years of engineering and management experience.

Bob has written over 100 patent applications, prosecuted hundreds more, and successfully appealed applications for universities, established corporations, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and other clients.

Expense Docs

 ExpenseDocs is the solution to your expense tracking needs. Simplify Documentation, Increase Productivity and Maximize Deductions.

Use the promo code SAVE for a 20% discount; at $12 it is an expense that is very affordable. The value and benefit you will receive as a small business owner is worth much more.