City of Austin Small Business Advisory Committee

 We are excited to announce that In April 2009, our co-founder and CEO Mr. Brian Walters was nominated by Austin City Council Member Sheryl Cole, and appointed by the City Council to a seat on the Minority Business Enterprise/Women-owned Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise Procurement Program Advisory Committee. In this role, Mr. Walters works alongside the other committee members within the structure of the Advisory Committee to positively impact the landscape for small businesses in the Austin metropolitan area.

 "I bring a needed perspective to the Procurement Program Advisory committee. First, I am a business owner within the City, and am acutely aware of all of the challenges facing business owners in our current climate.

Secondly, as a member of the minority community of the City, I am able to provide some perspective as to the issues currently facing other business owners who fit my profile.

Finally, as a management consultant, I bring a natural problem-solving approach into each situation that I am able to view, and believe that this approach will serve the committee beneficially in many ways- some obvious and some more nebulous, but all benefiting the City of Austin."

- Brian Walters

CEO, Brian Walters and Associates