Brian Walters and Associates, Inc.
Business Valuations and Management Consulting Services

Brian Walters and Associates, Inc. is a business valuations and management consulting company based in Austin, Texas.

Our experts perform services in 2 primary arenas:
  • Determining the value of a business entity, for whatever reason it is needed, by performing a business appraisal/valuation.

For business owners in need of a business valuation, for whatever reason, we provide objective, 
thorough valuations that are always in compliance with the 2 major standards of the industry: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and IRS Ruling 59-60.

If the need of the business owner is to optimize a business so that it functions more efficiently, and ultimately, more profitably, we are adept at helping them to maximize their revenues, effectively control their cash flow and costs, and enhance their profitability.

Our Company's Mission

The mission of Brian Walters and Associates is to be a resource for business owners in whatever area their opportunity for assistance might be.

We excel in providing professional expertise for entrepreneurs, thereby allowing them to focus on their primary objective- reaching and serving their clients in the best way possible.

Our role in all valuation engagements is to provide a critical piece of information concerning the value of the business entity; for consulting engagements, we serve to bridge the gap between the dreams of the entrepreneur and the reality that he/she may need expert assistance in operating a successful business.

We take great pride in our mission statement,and believe it to be the major driving force behind our existence:

"We exist to be a partner and resource for small businesses, providing expert guidance and training in a manner that is cost-effective, value-creating, and above all, of the highest standards of business ethics and morals.

    - the management team of Brian Walters and Associates, Incorporated